Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dreaming about myself

I don't do a lot of dream analysis, mostly I just enjoy my dreams, or get over them, depending. Last night/this morning right before waking I had a dream that made me feel particularly good. I was at work, and several of my co-workers (including some of the partners--and all recognizably my co-workers, not like sometimes when they are complete strangers but in my dream they are my co-workers) approached me with affectionate greetings. One of the partners gave a little speech about how wonderful I was, and handed me a huge check (like, half my annual pay).

Then the alarm went off. Granted, I like my work a lot, but this was over the top--not during the dream, it all seemed just surprising and wonderful during, but I did laugh a bit when I woke up.

When I think about analyzing my dreams, I only have two tools that have made sense to me in the past: a house in a dream represents your body, and all other people in your dream are really you, somehow. Each of these models or filters have given me useful insight from various dreams.

I think I'll stick with just enjoying this one.

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