Thursday, December 06, 2007

A failed hunt

I spent my lunch hour yesterday striding around downtown at top speed trying to buy a few things. I managed to get the parts of a gift for one person at two stores and a sandwich at my favorite lunch spot, but the other three stops were all rule-outs. I don't mind ruling out when it's medical stuff (who wouldn't rather have a test show you're fine?) but when I'm shopping, it's frustrating.

I haven't bought new yarn in months (been stash-busting) and I had budgeted a goodly sum for it, but my favorite yarn store (which sells almost nothing everyday or plain, only extraordinary and extravagant luxury yarns) didn't have anything that I had to take home and knit right away. Likewise the luxury fabric store (which carries incredible silks--some embroidered and embellished, satins, laces, Liberty cotton, beautiful wool suitings) didn't have anything suitable for the project I have in mind that really blew me away. That is, they had the right weight, but not in a color or pattern that thrilled me. Life is too short to work with ordinary materials, at least in my hobbies, so I left everything on the shelves and the money in my pocket.

The third store (no mystery) was an office supplies store, and they didn't have the metal index card box I wanted (just plastic or folded cardboard). Oh well, at least I got some exercise; I had to walk fast and hard to follow the circuitous couple of miles of downtown it took to visit all these stores in an hour.

There are only four yarns of a ball/skein or more in my stash, and I have tentative plans for each of them. Some of the plans are for items I'm not skilled enough to make yet, but I'm learning and improving all the time. It might be that my failure to find inspiring yarn at the store means it's time to try one of these things that I think I'm not ready to do.

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