Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am The One to Save You All!

My other significant other sent me a link today, to a story where some guy complains that his radio show got canceled.

As an avowed communist, atheist and civil rights activist who is pro-choice and anti-war, it would take me a while to win the respect and affection of the Rush Limbaugh-Sean Hannity fans who made up much of the WABC audience. From the start, I decided not to mimic from the left the nasty, contentless name-calling of right-wing talkers.

Notice the disparaging comments about other talkshow hosts. They're all contentless and nasty, but not this guy!

The format guaranteed that each listener disagreed with at least half of what was said, all of the time. But no matter how many people pounded the dashboard over something one of us said, listeners always heard the other host forcefully respond. The audience felt vindicated by the exchange because their side had its say. Listeners were able to sharpen their own rhetorical skills by hearing their arguments given voice, challenged, then affirmed or refuted.

Because only he can help them sharpen their rhetorical skills! And I'll bet you didn't know that there are only two sides to every question.

Apparently he didn't fit the business model, though: the radio network wanted the same content all day, idealogical consistency, not somebody arguing with the listener (after all, they might tune out and miss the ads). But that's bad, because it means he got fired! No wait, it's bad because it robs the listener of the chance to learn what he has to teach....yeah, that's it.

Programming radio stations along ideological lines, whether right or left, insults the intelligence of the listeners, deprives people of what they need to hear and retards the development of critical thinking.

Listening to what you want to hear insults your intelligence, because you aren't smart enough to pick what you ought to hear. And your thinking will be retarded, because only this talk show host can teach you critical thinking. Not school, not a book, not a television show, not a newspaper or magazine. Not even casual conversation in the lunchroom at work.

What an arrogant jerk. Typical elitist: only I have the truth, and if you'll just shut up and listen to me, you'll agree.

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