Wednesday, December 05, 2007

On being oneself.

Here's a scary thought for anyone who knows me: I'm actually pretty inhibited around other people. I'm alone in the house this morning, and I've just realized I'm behaving completely differently from how I behave when the spousal unit is asleep in our bedroom, or tinkering in the kitchen, or somewhere on the premises. Or when anyone is around, within earshot or view. Except that like for most people, alcohol loosens those inhibitions. So if you've been around me when I'm drinking, that's about half of what I am when sober and alone.

I've got the satellite radio on here in my den, and the same channel on the living room set. However, because the LR set is a TiVO, it's delayed a second or two. I'm really enjoying the echo effect, especially when some song drives me to my feet to dance around the house and I transit from now (in my den) to the past (in the rest of the house, where I can hear the delayed feed). In the last hour the station has played a few of my favorite songs from my high school years, and I've jumped up to dance through each of those songs. And sing along. A good way to start the day!


Stef said...

Oh yeah. Dancing around and singing to songs I loved in high school - that happens when I'm alone, period. Maybe it should happen more often.

Kai Jones said...

Do you get enough alone time? That's an issue for me, as I've mentioned to you before. No luck on finding the out-of-town girlfriend for the spouse yet!

Stef said...

I get enough alone time to fulfill my needs but not my wants. That's part of the reason I stay up so late.

Good luck on the OOTGF hunt :)