Sunday, December 09, 2007

These are the good times

I made a fire in the woodstove this morning, and the hypnotic yellow glow let me think about the good things in life.

Working on character creation yesterday with my husband and son, for a game I'm playing in starting in two weeks. Sipping hot tea while reading a book in front of the fire, with my son reading his book in the next chair. Driving a friend home from the airport while she gushes about her trip. Talking and listening at a party, learning more about a person I have met but don't really know yet. Listening to a bird call in the cold when I dash out for more firewood.

All I have to worry about today is some basic household chores: meal planning and grocery shopping, a little cleaning. I want to wash and block some knitting. I am enjoying the fruits of my labor.

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