Monday, December 31, 2007

What do knitting pirates say? Yaaaaarrrrrn!

I have committed yarn.

I spent the day so far with a friend driving around town to various yarn shops. I'd made up an itinerary of 4 interesting knitting shops (unfortunately 3 of the shops I wanted to visit are closed Mondays) and we went around to all of them. We didn't actually get into one, as it turned out to be closed Mondays too, despite what its website said. But I bought yarn at all 3 of the places on the list we got inside of.

There's some sock yarn for when my friend teaches me to knit socks, in pink/blue/grey. Grey mohair and blue/green thick-and-thin wool for a shawl. Pink/white/black novelty stuff (not really ribbon or eyelash) to mix with a skein of pink silk/mohair for a scarf. Two balls of wine-colored wool as the basis of a muff (my hands get cold in the car). Two balls of intense blue merino for some fingerless mitts. And a skein of variegated cherry-colored wool that I don't know what I'll make into, but I wanted it badly so it came home with me.

This is the most selfish yarn trip I've made: all this is for projects for me. But I spent most of last year knitting for other people, and I've had some projects for myself lurking around behind my thinking for a couple of months now--and now I have the yarn for them.

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