Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crazies on all sides

Somebody in the comments at Making Light is perpetrating the "if they disagree with me, they must be evil" idea...again, or still, what does it matter?

How can you believe your fellow human beings are evil on so little evidence as who they voted for in the last presidential election? It's beyond my understanding.

I get why people vote differently from me, and there are lots of reasons. We disagree about the facts--it is possible to completely disagree about the facts, because neither of us has first-hand knowledge of them (see, e.g., Israel). We interpret the facts differently (see, e.g., the run-up to, and reasons given for, the invasion of Iraq). We have different values (see, e.g., bootstrapping versus welfare). We think different things are most important (see, e.g., abortion and the Second Amendment). None of that makes them evil, not the way I think of evil anyway.

I do think it's evil to demonize the people who disagree with you by labeling them evil.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me?

The commenter, Debra Doyle, didn't say they were evil. She didn't demonize them. She said they were "actively acquiescing to evil."

How come you have enough time and energy to work yourself up into a froth, but not enough to read the comment carefully and figure out what it's saying?


Kai Jones said...

No froth, just thinking about it.

Mark Jones said...

xcs m?

Th cmmntr, Dbr Dyl, ddn't sy thy wr vl. Sh ddn't dmnz thm. Sh sd thy wr "ctvly cqscng t vl."

Hw cm y hv ngh tm nd nrgy t wrk yrslf p nt frth, bt nt ngh t rd th cmmnt crflly nd fgr t wht t's syng?

Kami said...

I think it's just as bad to assume that if someone voted (or votes) Republican they're stupid.

What does actively acquiescing to evil mean, anyway? They bow down to Satan? Worship Satan? Or merely acknowledge that Satan is their master?

Basically, some people are so out of touch with the concept of another perspective having validity that they have to minimize or demonize it.