Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just mess with them.

Courtesy Instapundit, a great idea: poll dancing.

As a political opinion poll dancer, I take great joy in receiving phone calls from professional polling firm employees and amateur campaign volunteers alike. It matters little to me whether the caller is working for pay or for donuts. And it makes no difference to me whether he dials for a candidate, a political party, a special interest group or someone else altogether. Heck, I even enjoy receiving calls from auto-dial systems that pepper me — albeit in rhythmic-mechanical tones — with opportunities to skew their numbers. When I receive a call from a pollster, I eagerly provide answers — none reflecting my own opinion, of course — as I work my way through what I call “dancing” with the pollster.

I am an outlier politically, as I've discussed all over the place, and this idea tickles me, but because my beliefs already challenge most pollster's answer sets, I will just continue being my contrary self.


Bob McCarty Writes said...

IGJ -- Thanks for the plug. I'm thinking about forming a poll dancing group. Wanna join?

Kai Jones said...

Maybe, the thought of this as performance art is amusing. Since there are already t-shirts, would we have secret decoder rings?