Sunday, January 13, 2008

Knitting for myself

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I've decided to only knit for myself this year. I can always change my mind, and I'm going to finish half-a-dozen projects for others that are already on the needles, but I spent all of last year knitting for other people and have nothing of my own to show for the work. This year will be different! So here are some of my works in progress.

First, a muff. We have a short commute, so short the car heater doesn't warm me until a block before my office. My hands get cold, and I made this to keep in the car and warm my hands. It's a great free pattern from, that uses up the odd ends of yarn you have left from projects. I choose a nice, warm, soft, alpaca-wool blend for the ribbing at the ends; as you can tell I've fed the ribbing from one end up through the middle of the hollow pipe of knitted material, and will be sewing the two ends together to create a sealed tube.

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