Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I don't like labels, they get in my way. If someone whose authority I trust labels me, I feel constrained by the label. And contrary about it.

Rubicon3 links to the Newsweek (magazine) Autism Spectrum Quotient test.

I scored 41, which is in the middle of the "very high" range. According to the results page, most people with Asberger's Syndrome or Highly Functioning Autism score around 35.

But how does this help me, to have a label? What I need is some advice about my specific difficulties. Different ways of thinking about them (cognitive) and different things to do or say (behavioral).


Stef said...

Have you read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time? Or any other books by/about autistic people? When I take these quizzes and compare my "liking my routine not to be interrupted," for example, with that of the character in the book, I see I'm really not like that after all - although I do have tendencies in that direction.

I don't know if the character is a good portrayal of autism for sure though.

Kai Jones said...

Not that one, but Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon.

I think the quiz would be more useful if it had options about how severe your response is to having your routine disrupted. I don't like it, but I pretty easily adapt and go with the flow; my reaction is almost entirely emotional and suppressible.

Thinking of myself as Aspie-spectrum is appealing because it explains why I have so much trouble reading faces, interpreting intent and emotional content, and predicting how people will react to me and things I say. It's more likely that it's just the abusive childhood: I'm really good at noticing and identifying frustration and anger in other people, but not anything else.