Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Special to Sodapopprincess

A picture of some creative lights hanging in a backyard tree; they're jellyfish! Made from colored bubblewrap.

Hattip Ragwater, Bitters, and Blue Ruin


Sodapopprincess said...

They are so very pretty! I love them. Thanks, hon.

On a completely selfish note, will you make me this?


Kai Jones said...

For you, sure.

The pattern costs $7.95.

The yarn called for in the pattern is alpaca, which is going to be very warm. It's also expensive ($14.40 per hank and pattern requires 2 hanks). Pick a color:


Or if you don't want alpaca (warm!) we can find something else.

Sodapopprincess said...

You rule! I can paypal you the funds or buy the pattern myself, but I am not super into the Alpaca thing. Can we get together soon and go yarn shopping maybe?

Kai Jones said...

Well, I'm taking Friday off; how about in the afternoon? (I would say lunch but I'm craving dim sum--would you eat dim sum?) The next day I'm really free is Saturday, Feb. 16.