Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I recently spent a long weekend with my partner in the Bay Area. We had long talks about politics--he's one of very few people who disagrees with me in ways that nevertheless allow for meaningful and polite conversations. We watched some movies (including Scaramouche and Follow the Fleet, both of which were disturbing because the morals and ethics were so bad) and ate great food. I knitted a little and read 3 books. It was very relaxing.

It's always good for me to get away from home; I relax in a deeper way than when I'm home. At home there is always the bass line underneath my thinking of all the chores I could be doing (because at home we are never done completely with maintenance, cleaning, and organizing). But I also enjoy being home alone, because I can enjoy my very pleasant home without the fluting chorus of "consider your housemate's needs" over every decision I make, whether it's to run the dishwasher, play loud music, or cover every available flat surface with a project in process.

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Sodapop said...

I was really excited to have you meet S., my AUB (Alternate Universe Boyfriend) at happy hour. You are a very positive model of how things can work and it is good to see. *hugs*