Friday, February 08, 2008


Ever wonder if the rise in PTSD among soldiers is more due to society's demonization of warfare (and any gun use, for that matter) than to the nature of the experience? Plus valorizing expressing and relieving the emotions and memories over letting go and moving on?

I do.


Rory said...

Yes, I agree.

A good read on this very subject is "Achilles in Vietnam" by Jonathon Shay. Despite the era he talks about, it's not by any means outdated.

Rory said...

Oops--please attribute that comment about Achilles in Vietnam to me. I didn't realize that I was logged on as Rory. -- Kami

Anonymous said...

Section 8 or shell shock, perhaps?

More a matter of being discussed as a thing in its own right. Less a matter of "de-valorization" of war. See Sherman (full quote).

--Terse Today