Monday, February 25, 2008


It's been dry and warmer, so this weekend I did some yard work. But first, breakfast! A lovely breakfast out with a friend, following which we went to two different garden stores for a couple of plants for my office (with appurtenant pots and a tray to keep the water from rusting my desk), snail bait, and some small shrubs. Then as we were passing by the strawberries I mentioned that I'd like to put some in and after wandering around the entire grounds of the second garden place my friend picked out some containers and strawberries as a gift. Thanks!

We went back to the house and busily set about mounting the containers on the fence, filling them with soil and then strawberry plants, and watering, all the while talking more about my yard and plans for it. After she left I weeded more and tidied up a few places and my darling husband came outside to mow, and then helped with the tidying. I also potted up the plants for my desk at work, and planted some sweetpea seeds along the back fence.

Sunday my friend came back and worked some more while I ran off for a con meeting. When I came back I was surprised to see 8 large bags full of pulled weeds and other yard debris! My husband had also worked in the yard while I was gone; all the prunings from the shrubs were on the to-be-chipped pile in the back. And the 8-foot-high volunteer filbert tree in the side yard (where I'm planning to put raised beds for vegetables) had been chopped down and the area cleared. Plus they planted the shrubs next to the driveway that I'd purchased the day previous.

So I took her out to dinner, and we had a lovely meal at a local bistro.

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