Friday, February 15, 2008

Where did it go?

The week has flown by, I can't believe it's Friday already. Work has been incredibly busy (which is great, I'd much rather be busy than not). Unfortunately I've been under the weather emotionally this week--the kind of apathetic tiredness with occasional blips of deep sadness that I find particularly hard to change. My sleep is full of dreams; I've awakened 6 or more times each night from a different, vivid dream.

I'm being extra careful to eat well and get some exercise daily, and to go outside during daylight (that is, on my lunch hour).

I do wish the people I think of as friends would stop telling me I'm weird.


Anonymous said...

What aspect of "weird" don't you want to have applied to you? I think a lot of people see "weird" as a positive term, so they might not know that it's unpleasant for you. You do seem different from a lot of people, to me, but not in a way that I think is bad. Is being very much like everyone else a goal? I mean, part of the common mindset these days is that everyone is "weird" in their own ways and that by and large semblances of *total* normalcy are often fictions. Whether that's true or not, that's probably partly what makes "weird" a positive term for a lot of people (perhaps even a badge of honour) -- because it implies being true to one's own spirit.

Kai Jones said...

What aspect of "weird" don't you want to have applied to you?

The part where they make it obvious that it's bad. Usually I've just said something in conversation, and this is their response.

"I like you, Kai, but you're weird."

"You are so weird."

Anonymous said...

Hmm. :( I've heard people say that and mean it affectionately, but I'll assume that you're reading them right.

I can't help much, but I'll try to remember that other people have used "weird" in a hurtful way with you. If I ever do say that you're weird, I don't mean it badly.

Kai Jones said...

Thanks. I wouldn't expect to be othered by you, anyway.