Thursday, March 13, 2008

I get it!

I finally get black tea.

I never really understood the appeal. I've had tea plenty of times; growing up, nobody in our household drank coffee, and tea was the hot beverage my mom always made for herself. Eventually I drank a bunch, too: Constant Comment, an orange-and-spice flavored black tea in bags. It was good, especially with some sugar, but then, I like cinnamon and oranges and that's what it mostly tasted like.

Later on I started drinking herbal teas, and there are quite a few that I enjoy, but black tea has mostly left me cold.

And now I know why. It's because I was drinking crappy tea in bags. Earlier this week I received a tea infuser and 2 ounces of black tea from Stash. It's rose-flavored, but it's actual loose tea leaves with rose petals. And the tea is intoxicatingly marvelous! The depth of flavor is surprising. I even like it without sweetener. Next order is going to be an assortment of plain black teas. Any suggestions?


CaHwyGuy - Daniel the California Highway Guy said...

Yes, I have many recommendations.

First, for brewing the tea, try a french press. Same thing you use for coffee, but it allows the leaves to float free and infuse more flavor.

As for what tea to order: I order tea regularly, and you can see what I have ordered by just perusing my posts. For companies, I recommend Stash and Adagio. Franklin Tea in Franklin TN is good, but they don't have descriptions of their teas up. There are a few newer companies, such as Lupicia and Teavana, but I haven't used them extensively. Stash is really my old reliable. Links to these are in my posts.

Stef said...

I got some nice Keemun loose-leaf black tea from I couldn't tell the difference among the different grades, they were all good. There are a bazillion recommendations in the comments to my LJ posts about the subject:

Rory said...

For type my favorite used to be jasmine oolong. I envy you. My days of caffeinated teas are long done, and many of the 'decaf' either lack the complexity/beauty of the regular stuff or they still have enough caffeine to bother my heart.

I will live vicariously through your experiences!

Kami, posting as Rory because she's too lazy to change identities