Monday, April 14, 2008

In training

I bought myself a Wii about a week ago, and I like it. The risk of RSI scares me: it's so much fun to play on the Wii I can easily imagine doing myself injury. I work up quite a sweat swinging it like a golf club or bowling ball. Strangely, on some things I do better left-handed although normally I'm right-handed.

I found it online, used, with extra stuff so the price bump didn't feel wrong. Then yesterday I traded the extra game for a different one, a dungeon crawl that looks fun. But because I've never played video games (well, not since 1982 when my then-boyfriend's Atari 2600 died) I'm finding it very hard! But fun.


Bryan Hasson said...

Which dungeon crawl?

Kai Jones said...

It's called Baroque.

The Recovering Straight Girl said...

You have a blog! And you didn't even tell me--no matter, I will catch up!