Saturday, April 19, 2008

Next year...

It is sunny and breezy outside my window, which is open to refresh the air after I fried some fish this morning. Things are blooming everywhere I look: iris, nasturtiums, jasmine. It's spring here!

At home the weather is wintery; a storm with a chance of snow. The furnace is undoubtedly running.

I'm celebrating Pesach this year with my other partner and his family in the Bay Area. The fish I fried is the Sephardic gefilte fish I learned to make from my first husband's grandmother. It's a challenge to cook in a hotel kitchen, with just the bare necessities and even those not your familiar tools.

I am enjoying this mini vacation in the beautiful weather. How's your weekend going?

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Kami said...

I chased cows. Thanks for asking! ;-)

Actually, I'm having a pretty nice weekend. It's not what I'd planned for, but sometimes it's fun and energizing to be surprised. I'm going with the flow.

Have a great mini-vacation! Sounds like it's off to a great start.