Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What I learned from my mother

I wrote this a couple of months after my mother died, and I am posting it now to remind myself.

You can always have pleasure. It might be as simple as joyfully dancing to good music for 3 minutes while cleaning the house or cooking dinner, but it's always available to you.

You can always start over. You might have nothing more than the clothes on your back, but that's only material goods and they can all be replaced.

You always have what's inside you.

You can leave dangerous situations. Keep yourself safe, and bear in mind what the alternatives are.

Everything is up to you, and you can handle that. You can count on yourself, even when there's no one else you can rely on.

Books are important: they can teach you, entertain you, and distract you. So is music. There are lots of kinds of both, and you have to try them to figure out whether they suit your needs.

Fear the government; it's intrusive, and even when it has your best interests in mind, it's not very good at solving problems. But use the resources the government has available when you need them; you're entitled as a member of society.


Bryan Hasson said...

Interesting. You taught me all those things.

Rory said...

Learned from? Or in reaction to?

Kai Jones said...

Rory: Some of each, of course. Although it started out as an attempt to remember something good about her after she died.

Bry: Well yeah. I hope I taught the best of what I've learned, that's the job of a parent. I know there were some lessons I didn't teach you; some were too awful to pass on, and others I only knew one bad way to learn. I still struggle with that question: If it took being abused for me to learn a lesson, is there a way to teach it short of abusing someone?