Friday, May 16, 2008


I'm attempting to study the Discourses of Epictetus, and it's hard going. I knew not to try to read these like a novel, but I'm finding it useful to stop at the end of each sentence and paraphrase, then again at the end of each paragraph and retell what I've read. I picked up these techniques from a homeschooling blog I enjoy.

But I am going to need more here. I need to discuss the material and my reactions with other people to benefit from this; I can already sense my inclination toward confirmation bias kicking in, interpreting everything according to my preconceived notions and rejecting what doesn't fit my current understanding of how the world works. Any pointers to an online or local-to-me meatspace community?


Kami said...

Rory and I used to meet with a few people in a western philosophy club. I think our last work was Metaphysics. Rory's read Epictetus and I believe I've read some of his work. I'd love an excuse to read the whole thing. How's that for a lead?

BTW when we read Metaphysics I found it useful to take notes. I found that I didn't take many, but the notes I did take tended to be long and wandered off to find their own destinations. It was a lot of fun.

Kai Jones said...

I'm actually reading it because Rory recommended it to me.

If you have time to devote, sure. Wanna meet in person, or do this as time permits over the innertubes?

Kami said...

In person would be great. Now I need to catch up. What part are you on?

Kai Jones said...

I've done Book 1, the first two sections, which in my book are titled "Of things which are in our Power, and not in our Power," and "How a Man on every occasion can maintain his Proper Character." Your schedule is tighter than mine; I have nothing on my calendar until June 12, so when shall we get together? I imagine I'll have read more if we pick a day further out.