Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A chorus of agreement

I read a lot of blogs, and I have a long "friends list" on Livejournal. Sometimes I click through to read comments, and it's always apparent when people are accustomed to a chorus of agreement. I don't especially enjoy entering a lions' den to challenge the accepted truths, so I keep my comments inside my head, or come here to write about my thoughts.

Some people have made it quite clear that unless I had supportive comments, I was not welcome on their blog or Livejournal. Okay, it's their space, I will respect that request. Sometimes I can't handle the stress and work of disagreement either.

Still, I value disagreement. I think it is an important tool in getting to know other people as individuals, and in remembering to respect them. Sometimes I learn from my disagreement with another. Sometimes I even change my mind about things because I went to the effort of exploring a disagreement.


jaylake said...

I for one value disagreement highly. Unfortunately, not all of my comments frequent flyers do. I really appreciate your perspective, and like to think we share an attitude.

Kai Jones said...

Oh, I know I have an attitude, and I think you have an attitude. I'm not sure we're sharing it exactly. ;)

But yeah, you're not one of the people I'm discussing here, you don't show me the door if I disagree with you. And we come to understand each other even when we don't agree, which I value very highly.