Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yesterday I got out most of my summer clothes. I still need to wash or iron most of them (depending), and pack away most of the winter stuff. There will be cool stretches and rain from now until the middle of July, but I doubt I'll need every single sweater and my winter boots until October. Then I drove over to a friend's house where I killed many goblins (and some wargs, and a giant chameleon) with the rest of my DnD gaming group. We had a lot of fun, and leveled up in the middle of the session because the GM wanted to be able to throw worse monsters at us.

Today I've made a gallon of banana ice cream (bananas, sugar, lemon juice, and cream), half of which I'm sending to a coworker who recently had twins. She has 5 total, and 3 under 4 years old now. I knitted hats for the new babies but I like to send something for the mother, too, and she loves banana ice cream. I bought twice as much cream as I needed so I might make some other kind later today, after I get more rock salt and ice. I'm also cooking up a batch of black-eyed peas, which seems to be the only main-dish thing I really want to eat these days.

I am skipping a meeting I was scheduled to attend, because it's across the street from a huge political rally downtown and I don't want to fight traffic (pedestrian as well as car) and struggle to find parking, and because I have nothing to add to the meeting this time.

What kind of ice cream should I make?


Kami said...

I'd say rum raisin, but I think I'm the only person left in the world who likes rum raisin, or even remembers it. Apparently it's an acquired taste, or possible regional. Heck, it's been so long, I might not like it anymore. Tastes change over time.

A potentially more useful suggestion is mocha. Real coffee (sigh! I sure do miss coffee) and chocolate sound like great ingredients for a yummy ice cream.

Double vanilla, orange, peanut butter, peppermint with finely crushed peppermint candy would also be good. I wonder if mango would make good ice cream or if it would discolor/get yucky when exposed to cold and mushing.

Kai Jones said...

Rum raisin--alcohol freezes at a lower temperature, so I think I'd need to buy rum flavoring. Coffee is a contaminant, not a food, so mocha is out.

Orange-cardamom might be good. Or just citrus-cardamom, I got a lot of citrus in my last organic produce box-tangerines and oranges and grapefruit. I could make simple syrup with the juice and grate in some zest, too.

Carissa said...

I have a sudden craving for peppermint ice cream. Now I'm going to have to go out hunting for it. I think it is no longer just a seasonal thing (I use to find it only around the holidays) so that's something at least.

Have fun ice cream making! And I missed that meeting too. More for the sick child then the traffic, but the traffic didn't help.