Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I had a good day--my kids all came for a "surprise" visit, courtesy of their father who was coming to town to have brunch with his mother. Scare quotes because Twoson spilled the beans Thursday night, remembering that I'd asked him for more notice when he's coming to visit than "I'm on the train, can you pick me up at the station when I get in?"

My grandson is gorgeous, of course, toddling around the house and playing with his balance, stomping and dancing. And it was heartwarming to see my sons and daughter-in-law today. We ate a quick lunch at home and then headed off for the zoo, where we walked and looked at animals. Eventually their dad showed up to convey them back south and I came home.

I wish I'd had good mothering. To all of you who had a mother who loved you, who took care of you in most of the ways you needed, be grateful.

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