Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not for sale

I've had the best sausage ever for breakfast. The trouble is, it's not for sale. That is, the maker doesn't sell it as take-home--he sells prepared breakfasts at a stand in the farmers' market. He made this sausage last night on inspiration, and he's not sure he can repeat the recipe, it's different every week.

So, yeah, I've been to the farmers' market for breakfast (sausage patty, pancake, eggs, orange juice), 3 quarts of chocolate milk, 2 pints of strawberries, and some bread-and-butter pickles. I also talked to the master gardeners (4 of them! all women!) about my yard, which was fun. Yesterday I weeded a little. I need to do a lot more weeding today, plus point out 4 holes for the mister to dig (so I can plant my geum, heuchera, daphne, and wintergreen, all of which have been in pots for too long). And maybe pick up a net for the strawberries, I don't want to lose any to the birds.

Then there's plenty to be done clearing out the spare room for Twoson, and only a few weekends to do it. And I want to knit, I haven't knitted much in the last month.

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Kami said...

Don't forget to put out some slug bait for the slugs. It doesn't take much. I usually put some under a rock or a board somewhere near where the plants I want to save are planted. The slugs go under the rock/board and don't come out, and no cats, dogs, children or birds are placed in danger. The slugs are really, really bad this year because of the moist/wet/cool conditions. Normally the warm days restrict them but because we've had cloud cover and/or rain and cool days they're able to eat all day and all night. Ugh.