Friday, May 02, 2008

Not a *real* grandmother

Susan Sarandon is dissatisfied with the direction she is receiving to play a grandmother in the film of the novel The Lovely Bones:

"I play the comic relief, an alcoholic grandmother - my first grandma - but she doesn't really seem like a real grandmother because she has a lot of hair and jewellery and nails and liquor. I don't think I ever talk without a cigarette and a drink in my hand."

Maybe she doesn't seem like *your* grandmother, Ms. Sarandon, but that sounds like a description of mine. My maternal grandmother was the most chic person right up until her late 70s. She dressed to the nines even at home, she wore French perfume, her hair was always done even when she was making breakfast in a velvet robe and slippers. She had a marvelous collection of costume jewelry (some of which I have, now).

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