Thursday, May 08, 2008

Recent knitting

Recent finished objects:

All my scarves are fuzzy, warm, and huge. This spring they've all seemed like too much, so I knitted this kerchief out of a cotton/silk blend. It wraps around my neck just once, but fills the neckline of my lightweight coat and keeps the cool breezes out in the morning. The baby hat (yes, it's a baby hat) is one of a pair I am knitting for a co-worker who had twins today. It's out of the same cotton/silk blend yarn. One of my bosses gave me 7 or 8 partial balls of this in various colors, leftovers from some project she knitted. The other hat will have a blue brim: the twins are non-identical, one boy and one girl.


Jay said...

Hi Kai,

New reader here. Do you have an email address where I can contact you? I'm curious about your blog title.

Kai Jones said...

I can be reached at

Stef said...

great kerchief!