Monday, May 26, 2008

Work, fitness, illness

Twoson will be moving in with us at the end of June. However, the guest bedroom which will be his for the summer has been used to store our overflow stuff, including two large bookcases full of books and board games, an unused computer desk (Twoson is bringing his own so this one had to go), off-season clothes (both hanging and in boxes), gift wrapping supplies, art supplies, sleeping bags, and even a few boxes of my mother's things that I haven't yet had the guts to go through.

Over the weekend my husband and I moved all the stuff off the bookcases. Then we had to clear the spots they were going to: the larger in our bedroom and the smaller in my den. As usual with projects in our house this one turned into a domino run: clearing the spots meant moving other stuff around first in both our bedroom and my den, and then dusting and vacuuming. We moved the bookcases into their new spots and made a start at reloading them, then finished that part today. We're more than half done clearing that room, but most of the rest is my responsibility; I can do some each weekend until we move him up.

I'm sore all over and tired. I'm getting over a virus, my shoulder is messed up (had an x-ray Thursday, haven't heard yet about a PT referral), I started a new (additional) prescription med this weekend, and I've been having an episode of (thankfully mild) vertigo for about 2 weeks. Add adjusting to the furniture in new places and I'm feeling pretty stressed. I must make an effort to have a relaxing and recharging week.

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Kami said...

I hope today is going better for you. That's a lot at once, being sick and cleaning/moving stuff.