Friday, June 06, 2008

Design choices

My husband doesn't wear ties. I think the last time he wore a tie was probably our wedding! But Fashion Incubator shows a military tie that would make any frequent tie-wearer happy. It has a well-designed system for keeping the tie ends from flapping around: after you tie the knot, you insert the narrow end through a fabric loop on the back of the wide end (like a belt loop) and then button it to your shirt. Yes, the narrow end has three button holes, measured to line up with the military blouse you will be wearing with the tie.

Now that's good design. It has nothing to do with form, because the design features won't show when the tie is worn, but it is all about function. No need for a tie bar or tack to keep tidy and neat, it's built into the tie.

I go through a lot of doors with handles that are far less well designed that this tie; that's a well-known example of poor design, handles that don't automatically indicate whether you're supposed to push or pull on them to get the door open. I think about design issues a lot.

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