Thursday, June 05, 2008

Flying the flag

The Navy is coming in...there's a ship docking just a few blocks east of my office building. One of my bosses has binox in his desk and I pulled them out to check: sure enough, the ship is flying an Oregon state flag. Too cool! You know that can't be standard equipment, somebody must send them a state flag to fly while they're here.

This isn't a regular liberty port, we only get the Navy once a year for a few days at Rose Festival. (There are some Canadian ships, too, and some US Coast Guard ships.) Because we aren't flooded with off-duty sailors year-round, we treat them very well. We used to have dial-a-sailor, where you could call up and offer to take a sailor to dinner or the drag races or a family picnic, but I read elsewhere that program is discontinued this year.

Welcome to my home town, sailors!

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Mark Jones said...

Ahh...Portland. Where the Navy swims upstream to spawn!

Or so the joke goes, anyhow.