Friday, June 20, 2008

Learning a lesson

A friend of mine reads no fiction. None. He reads biographies, histories, textbooks. And he influences me in other areas, so I am not surprised that I am not reading any fiction books right now (this week). I'm reading three non-fiction books! I'm reading a biography, a teaching book, and a philosophy book.

Each is challenging me in different ways. Each is teaching me different things--not always what the author intended, but unintended consequences are part of life. Each is dense enough, rich enough, that I get mental dyspepsia if I read too fast or too much at once. (Well, okay, one of them I sped through in less than a day, but I am reading it again to learn it, not just achieve reading it.)

These books are making me anxious for time to write and think. I wish I had a more interruptible life so that I could stop and write about all the thoughts I'm having; it's hard to remember, later. I carry a notebook and writing utensil but I can't, for example, write while I'm driving or type up a post while I'm trying to finish transcribing a dictation tape at work--but my thinking doesn't stop.

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