Friday, July 04, 2008

Celebrating with sound

It's just dark enough here that people are starting to set off fireworks in my neighborhood. I can hear them. I can hear the sound of revolution coming from every direction. The little and large explosions remind me just enough of gunfire, of the shot heard 'round the world.

A week ago I was having a drink with some co-workers and mentioned the Heller decision. We started discussing the legal analysis in some depth and it became clear to them that I am a gun enthusiast. Then I was peppered with very specific questions about going to a range: do they just let you out there to shoot, or is there a safety class? Can you rent guns? After a few more questions and my reasonably long explanations I finally just volunteered to take them (two coworkers and their spouses) to the range sometime this summer.

The fireworks will go on tonight for at least another hour, maybe longer since it's a Friday. I don't mind. It's worth being kept up by the sounds celebrating freedom.

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