Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I had a wonderful weekend with my family. Oneson, OneDIL, and GrandOne came to visit! The house was crowded with all of us but we had fun. Twoson gave up his bedroom, we put the baby's crib in my den.

Friday night the middle generation went to a movie and the spousal unit and I babysat! GrandOne and I went for a long walk to the park, where we played on the climbing structure and went down the slide, and then pet a dog. When we came home and it was clear his parents weren't there, he burst into tears. We offered him food and water, changed him, read him a book, sang, rocked, but nothing helped. So we put him to bed and he cried for another 20 minutes then fell asleep.

Saturday we went to the farmers' market for breakfast and shopping, which was great fun. Later I took the baby to the backyard and we played with the hose, filling the little pool and watering plants. Then I went off to gaming for the afternoon/evening.

Sunday I made Oneson's favorite: German pancakes. GrandOne likes them too! We all just hung out until it was time for the train home.

A great family weekend all around!


Sodapop said...

Don't know how I missed you leaving last night. *giant hugs* Thanks for coming out and skating with me.

Kai Jones said...

I snuck out! No, I tried to wave you down but you were in deep conversation and skating fast. You're very welcome. I always enjoy spending time with you!