Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Male privilege again

Disclaimer: I have no idea who I'm going to vote for in the US Presidential election. I may well take my default position: I'd be a better president than either candidate, so I'm writing in my own name.

However, the particular forms of attack from Mr. Obama's supporters on those of Ms. Clinton's supporters who vociferously object to Mr. Obama's candidacy (some of them even asserting they might vote for Mr. McCain) sure look like patriarchy to me. Accusations that the Clinton supporters are being emotional, taking it personally, are bitter and selfish...hmm, smells like male privilege to me. Dancing around the issue differences, ignoring claims that it feels just like when a woman trains lots of younger men who then get promoted over her head to higher salaries and more responsibility than she ever gets, and serious personal insults (they're stupid, they're not really Democrats); it all frames quite easily as the same old he-man woman-hating boys' club.


Steve Perry said...

Nah, I don't think so. I supported Hillary early on, but there was as much mud being slung from her side -- more, in my view -- as Barack's.

These are people who were pissed off that their candidate lost, and they are looking for somebody to take it out on.

That Clinton's supporters would vote for McCain seems like cutting off their noses to spite their own faces -- nothing McCain offers comes within a political parsec of what Clinton wanted, and she and Obama were more alike in their goals than not.

If the vote goes McCain's way because Clinton's folks voted against Obama, they will regret it.

As will everybody else who doesn't want four more years of Bush-lite.

Kai Jones said...

I don't understand, Steve, what is is that you don't think is so? That I'm perceiving male privilege in the particular language used toward Clinton supporters? Note that it isn't only the ones who are claiming they will vote for Mr. McCain who are being insulted; Clinton supporters who are resigned to voting for Mr. Obama, but are objecting to being ignored or their concerns dismissed are also being told to take their knitting into the kitchen and let the big, sensible men handle the campaign.

You want some links? I can work on that if you do.

Steve Perry said...

I don't hear the paternalism you do. I've never heard an Obama supporter say that Clinton's folks should stick to baking cookies or knitting.

I can't even imagine there would be anybody with half a brain who'd be that stupid.

Yeah, I hear a lot of that from the Republican side of the aisle, but not from the other D's.

It's a classic divide-and-conquer strategy -- McCain is using Clinton's old ads from the primaries and telling everybody how all the D's have said Obama can't do the job.

And I maintain that a D who votes for an R just to make a point is gong to shoot him- or herself in the foot.

I hope the people who voted for Nader can't sleep at night for helping give us George Bush.

Kai Jones said...

Steve, I'm on vacation and without my bookmarks, but I'll get back to this after the holiday weekend.