Thursday, August 21, 2008

US Presidential election

I am currently undecided in the US presidential election. I would have voted for Ms. Clinton, given the chance, but that hasn't worked out to be an option. As a result, a lot of things might affect my vote.

Choice of veep is one of them. I'm no fan of either Mr. Obama or Mr. McCain; I'm not subject to the fantasy that the vice president they pick tells anything important about how they will govern, or that the veep will significantly affect policy during the administration. What it will tell me is whether either of them wants my vote. They don't really need *my* vote--it's only the one vote after all. But do they care about whether they appeal to me as a candidate? Will they suck up to me? That matters to me.

They have to know I exist to suck up to me, and that information will ultimately inform their decisionmaking somehow.


Chrissy said...

I too would have voted for Hilary as well simply because of her comment, "it took a Clinton to clean up after the last Bush, it's going to take another Clinton to clean up after this Bush!"

How would you want them to suck up to you to get your vote?
If it was me, I would want them to come to my home town and meet the people just to make that effort. I might change my views after that?

Kai Jones said...

Reading my blog would be a good start. I comment on a few blogs and participate in other online communities and I'm always pleasantly surprised by the number of people who share my political views--views that are not well-represented by either major party. For example, I'm pro-abortion *and* pro-Second Amendment; the Democratic Party suits me on the first but not the second, while it's just the reverse with the Republicans.