Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Late summer rough patch

I always have a rough patch in late summer--I don't like heat nor handle it well and I'm obviously severely allergic to something that blooms in late summer--but for a few reasons it's far worse than normal this year. I've got a rotator cuff injury which gives me pain, restricts my movement, prevents me from doing many of my regular activities (both chores and hobbies), and uses up time for physical therapy. Also, work has been an anxious mess lately; very recently some changes were made top-down that will eventually improve my situation, but it's not happening as quickly as I would like. Plus, Twoson is living with us for an indefinite time because of some bobbles in his plan for the next year that are outside his control.

I've also had to give up the only regular gaming I was doing because of allergies (I can't be in households with cats for more than a couple of hours, tops) and I've just chosen to give up a volunteer commitment I was really enjoying, because I just can't handle the stress on top of everything else. Of course the things I have to give up were the pleasurable ones! I mean, I'm also not doing very many household chores, but strangely enough I don't miss those. :)

I don't need GAS or MAS, I'm just whinging...and a little more, I'm concerned that with the chronic pain and restrictions to my hobbies and fun, I'm getting a tad depressed. I've been considering going back to therapy.


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