Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From Denver to Portland

It was a week before Christmas; I was 10, so it was 1971. We'd been living in Denver for a few months, but it was time to leave. Mom rented a U-Haul truck and, with her boyfriend, packed our stuff into it for the trip across the Rockies and west down the Columbia Gorge to Portland.

My sister and I rode in the back, on a mattress with some blankets and a bottle of water and all the boxes.

We stopped in La Grande, where my grandparents fed us and gave us beds for a night.

I remember being cold and scared in the back of the truck, and begging Mom to let us ride in the cab with them to no avail.

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Mark Jones said...

I love you more than you know--and admire you even more than that for enduring your childhood and coming out of it as the wonderful, admirable person you are. I wish could make that awful childhood better.