Saturday, October 25, 2008

Working on it

I have a few posts drafted but unfinished. Pain and tiredness get in the way of completing my thoughts, but when I have a good moment or two I'll get back to them.

Today's good news: a friend of mine is on the program list for Orycon. Someone I didn't expect to see, and now there's at least a chance. That's cool. I hope it works out.

I knitted a little last night, a scarf in green unidentified fiber I bought at the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival last month; it feels like silk and alpaca. It's a tightly twisted double with the sheen of silk in a lot of places, but it has the elasticity and feel of alpaca as it flows through my fingers. And I can tell it's at least two fibers because the dye is beautifully variegated in the way that happens when you dye two fibers that take it up at uneven rates. It's a nice change from the single, almost-no-twist merino I made a pair of fingerless mitts out of last month and gave to Twoson.

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