Monday, December 01, 2008

A problem I could handle with grace and dignity.

The governor of Oregon has submitted his proposed budget for the next two years. I remember a week or so ago reading an article about his lamentations that he had to make cuts.

Turns out the only cuts he had to make were to his fantasies, because this budget is for $1 BILLion more than the budget of the last two years. Apparently in Fantasy Land he would have $2 billion more to spend, so he feels like his money was *cut* by $1 billion instead of raised by it. The economy blew up and he still gets to spend a billion more than he did last time! Not like he earned it--it's all coming from people like me, people who work and pay taxes.

I only wish my budget for the next two years was going up by a billion dollars. I'd jump on that grenade!

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