Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow day

Everyone in the house but me is still asleep. The furnace is on, keeping the house at a comfortable 68 degrees F.

I have been outside for the first time since Thursday, to sweep the front steps. I had middling success: the porch and top 4 steps are at least half cleared, with the snow-ice-snow sandwich brushed off of one side (only crumbs remaining) and the other side at least some broomed. The bottom few steps I can't get through yet, the crust is thicker and the snow is heavier.

I stepped down onto the driveway and sunk to my knee before hitting ground-in fact I bounced back up on the other foot before hitting ground, giggling because that was too deep!

It's the first day of Hannukah, so we lit candles last night, sang holiday songs, and I gave gifts to Twoson and my husband.

It's snowing still.

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