Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What you see is what you get

Jay Lake writes about a disturbing incident in his work place:

Late last week I won a major quality award at work. This happened while I was on vacation in San Francisco, and it’s a pretty big deal. One of my co-workers apparently disagreed with my fitness for the award, because this past Monday during the executive staff meeting, somebody slipped into the business unit SVP’s office (our CEO, basically) and left a folded copy of my vasectomy post [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] on his chair. My co-worker very helpfully highlighted my blog address (which is my name) in green marker at the top and bottom of each page, in case he missed the point. The printout was unsigned, the leaving in the big boss’s office done in secret.

It turned out pretty well. Jay works for honorable people. He goes on to say:

As for everyone else who reads this blog, and the rest of my work, know this: I do not compromise. You get the real, raw, honest me. I can do no more, and I owe every one of you no less.

You don't get the real me here. You get a carefully crafted incomplete persona. I don't share everything, and it's by no means raw--I try to edit my writing and I'm not even a professional writer. I try to preserve some anonymity for people I write about who haven't given permission--for example, I call my children Oneson and Twoson, and surprise! those aren't the names on their birth certificates. I can't even claim honesty, because I leave things out, and I believe that you can be dishonest by only telling part of the truth. But maybe I'm putting too fine a point on it.

What you get here is part of the real me, not something I'm making up as I go; the posts are genuine expressions of real reactions I'm having, and when I share something with you, all the parts that appear on this blog are real and true as far as I can determine.

I'm not in control of how you read it, though. You might be hearing my voices in a tone completely unrelated to the one I'm typing this in. You might be perceiving me through a filter that is inaccurate, because I seem kinda like Cousin Joe or Aunt Louise so maybe I'm like them in other ways...except I'm not, which you'd realize if you had more information about or experience of me.

So what you see is what you get. I put considerable effort into showing you some of the things I think about, and that's all. Take from it what you will, that part is your responsibility.

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