Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Women and the Movie Business

A fabulous round-up of 2008 news about women in the movie business at Women and Hollywood, one of my newest favorite blogs. Excerpt:

Women are a market…but we need to be vigilant
We proved it with three of the top 15 grossers of the year: Sex & the City ($152 million domestic), Mamma Mia ($143 million domestic) and Twilight ($168 million domestic and still going). My hope for 2009 is that we keep making movies for women (including those of us over 25) and not freak out if they don’t have a stupendous opening weekend. Look at Mamma Mia. Didn’t open that big but had legs.

But, my worry is that there is not enough product in the pipeline and that if we don’t keep building on the momentum we will regress back to the age old perception that successful women’s film are just flukes. I would be so happy to never hear again: “that was just a fluke.” It’s just a cop out.

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Laura Back said...

Great article -- thanks for the reference! I remember seeing an SF Chronicle reviewer worry earlier this year that with male-centered romantic comedies becoming more successful, even that one consistently female-dominated genre is in danger of abandoning female audiences and female performers.

I loved Mamma Mia!, and certainly not least for its aesthetic of femininity -- it did a better job than any movie I can remember of celebrating mature women (even the attractive young girls seemed to be intriguing for their potential to become their older counterparts), and extending its admiration to at least somewhat varied physical "types."