Monday, January 26, 2009


Robot a Day! At which the artist, who is making a robot a day 5 days a week, posts photos of the robots. The robots are structurally quite similar, but color choice and accessories turn them into individuals.

I make knitted robots; there's no way I could do one a day. I might be able to do one a week but only if I did nothing else during my downtime, and I'd rather read, watch a little TV, go for walks on my lunch hour, etc.

Courtesy of Dress a Day.


Irfon-Kim Ahmad said...

That site is really cute. :)

I was just looking at your robot yesterday! (Well, it's in a location where I see it every day, but I was just specifically looking at it and thinking about it in particular yesterday.)

Kai Jones said...

That's actually one of my favorite robots that I've knitted. I'm glad you enjoy it!