Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tabletop gaming

Popgadget linked an Italian luxury games manufacturer, Zontik Games. While there are many items on Zontik's website that I would enjoy owning, this dicetray is the one I wish I'd had during the years when we hosted a weekly RPG night. One particular friend had/has a habit of rolling his dice so forcefully at least one would bounce off the table to land somewhere difficult (the floor? among the books on the shelf? in an open shirt collar?), often cocked or unreadable. At one point I jokingly handed him a clear plastic box containing a few dice, telling him he had to roll those as they'd stay in the box! The poker set also looks especially nice, and although I haven't played much backgammon in years, maybe this luxurious set in blue with mother-of-pearl finish stones would motivate me to play.

Among items I *wouldn't* want to buy are a leather "flying disk" (apparently in spite of a price of $350, they didn't license the name "Frisbee!").

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