Sunday, February 08, 2009

Keeping promises

Who knew that that the phenomenon of taking "virginity" pledges about saving sexual activity for later wasn't exactly recent?

We're saving ourselves for Yale. (scroll down, arrow at bottom of page).

As they downed their first cafe
The girls were heard to softly say:

"Oh, we have had our chances for overnight romances
with a Harvard and a Dartmouth male
And though we've had a bunch in, oh from Princeton Junction,
We're saving ourselves for Yale

And though we've all had squeezes
From lots of Ph.
We're saving ourselves for Yale

Hat tip to The Kitchen Cabinet.


D. said...

Er, your link to "We're saving ourselves for Yale" goes to ... your blog.

Kai Jones said...

Thanks for the notice, I've fixed it now!

TeenyGozer said...

That's "Pousse-café"!

I first heard this song in Wendy Wasserstein's "Uncommon Women and Others" and have been trying to find the lyrics online.