Monday, April 13, 2009

Wait One

A blog I've been reading for many years (since September 11, 2001 to be exact) has a good rule about jumping on bandwagons. When a piece of news comes out that you have a strong internal reaction to and want to do something about, wait one. Wait one day, wait one week, wait one hour--whichever is appropriate. Maybe it's a false rumor, maybe there's more information that will come out in the next news cycle, maybe the company you think is heinous will fix the problem themselves given a chance. Maybe the whole thing was a mistake.

You can still get outraged the next day. You can still send letters, sign petitions, and march in protest if you wait for what happens next. When you don't wait, you can't take back the negative publicity you gave to an innocent subject who fixed the problem in a timely fashion. When you don't wait, you work yourself up and spent your time and energy on a problem that isn't verified yet--energy you might need for a real problem.