Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For the record, threats against Bush

Death threats when Bush was president versus death threats against President Obama.


Many readers may naively think, “The answer is obvious: no protester was ever arrested for threatening Bush at a protest because no one ever threatened him at a protest. Who would be that stupid? I certainly never heard of any such threats.”

Alas, if only it were that simple. Because the bald fact is that people threatened Bush at protests all the time by displaying menacing signs and messages — exactly as the anti-Obama protester just did in Maryland. Yet for reasons that are not entirely clear, none of those Bush-threateners at protests was ever arrested, questioned, or investigated (at least as far as I could tell).

There are burning effigies, bumper stickers with rope nooses, posters, graffiti, and excerpts from speeches.

Hat tip Common Reader.


jaylake said...

You're leaving out the fact that anti-Bush protestors were almost never allowed anywhere near the president, often confined to small and distant "free speech zones", while anti-Obama protestors routinely attend presidential events. A significant difference.

Kai Jones said...

If your point is that death threats against Bush cannot be considered as serious as threats against President Obama because of proximity, then your argument is with the Secret Service, not the people exercising their First and Second Amendment rights.

My point was simply a rebuttal of the widely-made claim that protesters under President Obama are worse, somehow, than those under Bush--and since I lived through some of the anti-Bush protests, trapped in my office building while protesters closed the streets below for hours, throwing things at police dressed in riot gear, and having the Secret Service try to force us to stay off the balcony (from which we could see their snipers on the roof of the hotel where Bush was staying), and I haven't heard of anything like that about President Obama yet, I'm counting the Bush protesters as being more violent and having more impact.