Monday, November 23, 2009

Moving around on the political spectrum

Charles Murray likens Obama and the progressive left to Pauline Kael (who famously said of President Nixon, “How can he have won? Nobody I know voted for him.”)

Included in the article is a fascinating graph demonstrating that while most of the non-Latino white population in the US has been moving slightly more conservative, the progressive left (defined in the article as at the 95th percentile of income and with a graduate degree, but a lawyer, academic, scientist (hard or soft) outside academia, writer, in the news media, or a creator of entertainment programming (film and television) has jumped massively left.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Writing the other

An excellent essay on writing (and being) the other at Justine Musk's livejournal.


Before you can get into anybody else’s head, you have to get out of your own.

She discusses the halo effect of beauty, what it was like to realize she didn't live in the same world that men do, why some movies work in their depiction of women and some don't, and how women are allowed and encouraged to become like men but men becoming like women is taboo-level transgressive.