Monday, December 21, 2009

New quote

Slavery or Bravery. Pick One.

That's my new quote. It's from a blog I really enjoy, Fashion Incubator, written by Kathleen Fasanella.

For those who don’t know, my self-identity is that of Steward, a less emotionally loaded way to describe nurturing. Steward sounds better than Nurturer. I could have used Cheerleading for the category title but that sounded dorky. Guardian sounded too paternal and by turns partisan so obviously, my thesaurus wasn’t helping much.

Until I came upon Courage and from there led Brave. Even though I’ve felt that for much of my life I’ve been suspended between tedium and terror, those were words I could identify with. In fact, I have a personal motto. It is:

Slavery or Bravery. Pick one.

And I believe it utterly; you can’t convince me otherwise. As someone who’s had a very difficult and sometimes tragic life, I know what it’s like to be born a victim and to live like one but came such day that I realized I didn’t need to remain a victim because being a victim is a choice and that wasn’t one I chose to make any longer.

You can be a slave to your past and to your culture and to the social pressure of your community, or you can be brave and choose your own life starting today. Choosing your own life might retain some of the past's good elements, but choose them and not the parts that make your life worse.

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