Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Time Travel Pharmacy, for all your time travel needs.
We pick up our mail in the 1800s.

The Emergency Room argument is false. Even people with insurance prefer to go to the emergency room because it's more convenient or they couldn't get a doctor appointment the same or next day.

Mental Multivitamin is tired of being told to Get Real.
Why is it considered more “real” to focus on the difficulty than to focus on the good stuff? I mean, I can’t be the only one who finds it more tiring (and tiresome) to read one narrative after another of the “Life [parenting, marriage, homeschooling, friendship, relatives, etc.] is hard” variety than to read about the triumphs, celebrations, tender moments, and, yes, fun.

Interesting discussion on sewing pattern sizing versus ready-to-wear clothing pattern sizing at Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. Since last summer I started sewing some of my own clothes, I've learned how little I know about fitting, ease, and vanity sizing.

The Introvert's Corner (at Psychology Today) on introverts, extroverts, and flow state.
I ... doubt any of us do our best thinking in free-for-all brainstorming sessions. If I find myself in one of those, I tend to retreat into my own head to see what's there rather than rolling around in other peoples' ideas. I wonder if anyone listens to anyone else in sessions like that. They're too busy shouting out ideas. It's like Twitter--a bunch of people bellowing into a crowd.

Gothic Charm School on Bat's Day at Disneyland, how to talk your dad into letting you dye your bangs blue, the aging (20s) goth versus the egl or sweet Lolita trends, and a PG-rated explanation of why are there so many octopi in steampunk.
Has your father said why he doesn’t want you to dye your bangs blue? Is he worried that it would be damaging to your hair, or that it would cause a mess? Ask him what his concerns are, and give him information to reassure him that you won’t be setting yourself up for disaster.

And, because food cost has been a recent topic around my house, the Hillbilly Housewife's "$45" emergency menu for 4 to 6 for one week.
There isn’t much meat in these menus. That’s because meat is expensive and beans aren’t. Beans provide lots of good protein for growing children and hard working adults. When beans are combined with certain other foods their protein increases. The amino acids in grains like flour, pasta and cornmeal or milk products cooperate with the amino acids in the beans to make an extremely high quality protein. Don’t worry about the lack of meat, there is more protein in this menu than you can shake an expensive protein bar at.

This menu does not assume *anything* in the pantry and includes a shopping list and all recipes, as well as a daily work plan. Unfortunately that $45 price is from February 2006; in March 2009 dollars the same week's worth of food was $70 (she has a comparison price list in the entry). Still a great resource.

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