Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why I reread.

As explained by Jo Walton:

Even when I have plenty of books, and access to libraries, that doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to put my hand on the kind of thing I want to read this minute.
[. . .]
My ideal relationship with a book is that I will read it and love it and re-read it regularly forever. Sometimes I will know ahead of time that I’ll love it, other times it’ll be a surprise. Some books lay around for years waiting for me to get to them became favourites. More often I’ll pick up something because it looks interesting and then immediately read all of that new-to-me author’s backlist as fast as I can find it.

Jo wrote a wonderful poem about how in heaven there's a bookshop full of *more* books by her favorite authors, books presumably written and published after their deaths. That's the heaven I want to enter.

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Elmunir said...

I like what you wrote about reading ,, i usually do the same . I pick a book to read based on two things , if the book title is interesting , and what i feel like reading. Yet, even though i love reading , this random why of choosing what to read appears to me to be unprofessional. do not you think so!!!